why i blog

I find that writing is a good medium to do some introspection and reflection on my experiences, and to share my thoughts about the lessons I learn. It’s about concluding insights gained through life experiences, autobiographical reasoning per se.

As well, this will be a good place keep track of jot-notes: the crux and takeaways of my learnings, which I would love to share with whoever stumbles on this. I guess I can also take this opportunity to build myself more of an online presence, with what I’m passionate about.

and why you should too

I think that it’s a good idea to blog: even if no one reads them, blogging is an act of creating new content to reach better clarity. And honestly, it’s better to know that what I write isn’t in the spotlight, because I feel like I can blog more freely.

Plus, by writing down notes in this blog, all centralized to one location, it makes it easier to refer back to your previous knowledge and experiences as a refresher. You’re free to maintain careful neutrality, all while sharing knowledge and experiences with the world, if you’re worried that things on the Internet stay on permanently.

If you do decide to write a blog, please send me a link! I’d love to get a glimpse at your mind and read what you have to say.

closing thoughts

All in all, I’m sure this blog won’t make everyone happy. I’m just here writing as my honest self, for my notes and thinkings, to make myself happy. But let’s get to know each ourselves and each other!


Welcome to the documentation of Irene.

(…but more honestly, there’s a work term report to do, might as well publish it)