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Irene /ˈaɪriːn/:

proper noun
Developer of software. Tinkerer of models. Builder of pipelines. Maker of things. Baker of goods. Author of this blog.

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2021-08-22 : the somewhat meticulous US intern's guide

A non-extensive checklist of things to get done when moving to California for work in a global pandemic (i.e. immigration, packing, pre-departude covid-testing)

2020-01-11 : semi-prepared bird reaches GHC'19

An unpolished sequel to my conference adventures.

2019-05-13 : container vulnerability scanning

Integrating vulnerability scanning for Docker containers into cloud systems: the engineering framework decision of container scanning tools.

2019-04-28 : surprises from the 2a work term

Making a note of things that shook me (as in, lightly unexpected details that I might forget in the future).

2019-04-06 : go quirks and common mistakes

Thrown into the world of Go to develop a vulnerability scanning tool for containers on my last co-op, and I’ve never been so torn on a language as I was during those few weeks of struggle and development.