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Irene /ˈaɪriːn/:

proper noun
Developer of software. Tinkerer of models. Builder of pipelines. Maker of things. Baker of goods. Author of this blog.

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2021-01-02 : journaling prompts

Actively improving my own mental health.

2020-08-12 : the sweet spot of compatible relationships

A Venn diagram for considering ideal romantic partnerships, written when I wasn’t in love. Obligatory YMMV.

2020-05-21 : on creative writing - a meta ramble

Missing the process of creation, when all I do is consumption.

2020-01-11 : semi-prepared bird reaches GHC'19

An unpolished sequel to my conference adventures.

2019-05-16 : coffee is my fuel

Decided to invest in a nice coffee machine using my cuHacking winnings: presenting a Bonavita rave.

2019-04-29 : human contact is a social status (2b plans)

As screens and machines take over our society, we become more connected but more disconnected than ever. Or, in other words: I like feeling close to people.

2019-04-20 : brunch with my fav bunch

I went on a fun trip to Montreal to meet up with some very great friends. This is a photodump.

2019-03-30 : super late bird reaches the legacy conference

The day before the 2019 Legacy Conference, Canada’s largest student entrepreneur conference, a good friend of mine reaches out to me with some last minute tickets, and I was like, yaa I’m down if you’re also down. (verbatim)

2019-03-18 : why i'm starting a blog

I wouldn’t call this a blog per se, more like a documentation of my experiences. Although, arguably, that’s a web log, and hence, a blog.