coffee first. (important priority)

I treat coffee as both liquid motivation and literally a source of survival. Thinking of investing in a coffee machine in the future…

and then time to have brunch

Really into this brunch thing. Sounds really bougie but it’s really because we can’t wake up early enough for breakfast.

different phones, different angles

Why line up at places for over half an hour if not to take pictures to commemorate? I jest, the food itself was amazing.

yum install

sudo yum install food-in-me

That is all.

more pic aaa i love food

The highlight of this trip was going to different highly-rated places to eat. We skipped part of Mont Royal to have Fairmount bagels and Schwartz’s famous smoked meat sandwhich. 100% worth it, the smoked meat was tender and extremely well-seasonned.

we were starving but pictures come first [behind the scenes]

Food photography frenzy. (alliteration-ish)

the decor was nice, i love their use of negative space

I’m thinking of painting again before I go back to school. My place needs a bit more decor…

touristy pictures!

Okay, maybe they aren’t the classic tourist pictures. We took the ninja squatting ones at this ship museum aha. Jumping pictures are fun.

On the downside, someone told me after that I was making some Naruto pose or something.

We also took a bunch of funnier pictures imitating paintings, but I hope that those never see the light of the Internet… This is the original getty challenge ahah.

korean food for dinner on friday because most places nearby were closed.

They had really good tteobokki. I want to try making tteobokki next school term.

Considering how we basically picked coconut-nowhere for dinner, I’m surprised at how there are lineups everywhere in downtown Montreal. Although I do have to admit: the food quality as a whole was so much better than Ottawa… but at least Ottawa has affordable-ish housing, I guess.

closing thoughts

I love the freedom and relaxation of travelling with friends. It was really nice to catch up and have late night talks. We’ll talk more about our hopes and dreams and future aspirations again for sure.

Maybe we’ll go to New York or Japan in the future? Wherever we decide to go, I’m sure it’ll be great, and I really look forward to it.

Eggciting times.